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Track patients at POD sites through different stages of the process

Say goodbye to traditional methods of tracking patients, from paper-based approaches to using spreadsheets. Learn how our connected patient tracking  system can help optimise workflows, facilitate more effective treatment and reduce patient wait time.

Our IoT-driven patient/staff/asset tracking system is seamlessly integrated into patient flow management, providing vital data and insights for informed decision-making. Tracking patients' movements at POD sites through various stages of the process enables real-time adjustments in scheduling, room assignments, and staff deployment. This visibility aids in identifying bottlenecks and enhancing workflow efficiency by understanding, patient location and time spent at each stage of care.

Optimizing Patient flow, Service Quality, and Staff Efficiency with our IoT-Driven Tracking System

One of the important functions of the hospital patient tracking system is defining a patient's location in real-time. We offer wearable patient tags for patients in all types of care environments, and these tags are mini, comfortable, and discreet for ongoing patient use. These tags help monitor the complete visibility of-

  • Patients' movements are tracked using advanced IoT technology (RTLS)

  • Step-by-step navigation in real-time for patients

  • Stay updated with real-time notifications of patient status changes.

  • Measure key milestones in the patient journey including  (Arrival, Registration, Wait time & Over-cycle time)

Get a holistic view of the patient’s movement throughout the facility

Real-time visibility into departments

Knowing the location and status of your patients and resources is fundamental to orchestrating more efficient operations and high-quality care. With the help of our automated workflows based on real-time location: enhance care efficiency and staff productivity.

  • Real-time visibility into department stays and treatment progress.

  • Enable proactive communications

  • Eliminate phone calls to other departments

  • Reduced manual input for status updates in the system

Reduce wait times, streamline workflows, and optimize patient care

Our patient tracking system gives your providers more time with their patients while eliminating non-value-added tasks such as spending excessive time searching for patients & waiting for manual status updates to be entered into the system

  • Care coordination between departments for efficient patient placement & planning.

  • Identify bottlenecks and drastically cut wait times at each stage.

  • Reduce the burden of information management on top of clinical work.

Free up administrators' time to focus on quality care

Our patient tracking system seamlessly integrates with core clinical systems, including HIS, EHR, EMR capacity management solutions scheduling systems, and more. This reduces manual errors, and administrative errors and maximizes your efficiency.

  • Manage multiple facilities

  • Error-Proof Identification

  • Easily manage patient handoffs between departments

  • Minimize time spent on manual status updates into the system

Integrate seamlessly with your existing HIS/EHR software

Lack of visibility leads to unidentified bottlenecks. Analyze patient tracking metrics for check-in, wait, and rooming times to detect and remove front or back-office bottlenecks, thereby improving workflows.

  • Key patient flow metrics such as
    (Patient volume, length of stay, room utilization, wait times, peak times by area)

  • Standard reports include Average wait & treatment Times.

  • Provide daily milestone averages to spot anomalies or bottlenecks

Enhance decision-making with activity metrics

Here are some of the benefits our customers have experienced since using patient tracking system

Benefits of Patient/Staff/Assets Tracking system

Healthcare providers can reap a multitude of benefits

  • 30%-50% Reduction in patient wait times

  • 50% increase in pod occupancy efficiency

  • 70% decrease asset search time

  • A 60 % increase in patient satisfaction scores

  • 90 min/day  time saved by staff

  • 25%-30% Improve operational efficiency

A famous hospital in Hyderabad is improving its outpatient journeys by implementing a Self-service OPD kiosk. This will make the process more efficient and reduce wait times and 40-50% of the new patients are using the kiosk.

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