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ABDM Ecosystem

The 6 components of the ABDM ecosystem are

ABHA ID Creation


Healthcare Information Provider


Health Information User


Health Repository


Health Locker


ABHA Mobile


ABDM Integration through Healthcare Platform

Strengthen and enhance your digital healthcare ecosystem by integrating ABDM with the assistance of Achala Health Services Private Limited.

Our Platform is certified to provide you with M1, M2, and M3 ABHA enablement.

How Achala Health Can Help in ABDM Integration through our Healthcare Platform?

As a healthcare domain expert, we offer custom healthcare software development services to implement ABDM-compliant applications for our clients.

Our team is an expert in dealing with APIs required for integration under ABDM. By providing this integration through a healthcare platform, we help create a connected healthcare ecosystem that provides universal access to quality healthcare services. By collaborating with healthcare stakeholders, we support the ABDM’s objectives and help transform the healthcare landscape in India.


  • Custom Development & Integration

  • API Implementation

  • Data Security and Privacy

  • Scalable Infrastructure & Cloud-based platform

  • Analytics and Insights

Here are some of the benefits our customers have experienced since using patient tracking system

Benefits of Patient/Staff/Assets Tracking system

Healthcare providers can reap a multitude of benefits

  • 30%-50% Reduction in patient wait times

  • 50% increase in pod occupancy efficiency

  • 70% decrease asset search time

  • A 60 % increase in patient satisfaction scores

  • 90 min/day  time saved by staff

  • 25%-30% Improve operational efficiency

A famous hospital in Hyderabad is improving its outpatient journeys by implementing a Self-service OPD kiosk. This will make the process more efficient and reduce wait times and 40-50% of the new patients are using the kiosk.

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Customer Success Story

Our platform's core features

Repository Services

Onboarding health facilities and professionals, ensuring seamless integration and verification with the ABDM ecosystem through our repository services

ABHA Enablement

ABHA ID creation and modification enable hassle-free access to medical treatments and healthcare facilities, with easy sign-up options.

Link Health Records

After the facilities are registered, patients' health and wellness records are easily linked with ABHA, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date medical history.

Access Past Records

Request access to patient past health data/Records : (Health document, OP Consultations record, Prescription record, Diagnostics record, Wellness reports & immunization records, discharge summaries)

Healthcare Data Conversion

Using data conversion engines, Patient health data converted to the (FHIR, SNOMED CT, LOINC, and DICOM) formats ensures that the data is properly formatted and optimized for use in the ABDM ecosystem.

Consent-based publication of health records

Individuals can provide past health data with consent to specific healthcare providers or organizations for accessing their health information.

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Achala Health Services Private Limited

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Achala Health stands at the forefront of healthcare innovation, where technology and compassion converge. Join us on a transformative journey, shaping a new era for improved patient, doctor, and practice management experiences.


Achala Health is
- Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission Certified

What is the process of integrating ABDM into a digital healthcare platform?

To achieve healthcare digitization, it is essential to develop a unified system that consolidates various disparate health systems into one integrated platform.

  • Enabling ABHA creation flows on Self-service Kiosks. Patient demographic details can be accessed by scanning QR codes.

  • The system will store patient demographic information, including health records and prescriptions.

  • FHIR record conversion will cover seven document types: Health documents, OP consultation records, diagnostic reports, wellness reports, immunization records, and discharge summaries

We need to proceed as per the below-given milestones.

Milestone 1:Creation and Verification of ABHA Numbers for Smooth Patient Registration/Onboarding

Milestone 2: Provide a Health Information User (HIU) Platform to Grant Authorized Healthcare Workers a Comprehensive View of Patients' Medical History with Consent.

Milestone 3: Establishing patient consent-based sharing of digital health records through the ABHA Personal Health Records App


Platform benefits

This platform facilitates easy access to medical reports, enhancing doctors' understanding of patient cases and improving overall healthcare quality.

Access your information right from admission to treatment and discharge in a paperless manner.

Digital Health Records

Integrate your services with ABDM in record time. Our simplified APIs are designed for ease of use, making integration hassle-free.

Effortless Integration

Our solutions are built around FHIR standards required by ABDM, ensuring your services are fully compliant.

Compliance Made Simple

Built with robust security and encryption mechanisms no information is shared without your consent.

Secure and Private

Our platform is designed to scale seamlessly with your needs, from a single patient to millions.

Scalable Integration

Whether it is FHIR conversion or enforcing encryption standards, we take care of it all.

Saves Time

Frequently Asked Questions

  • ABHA ID or ABHA Card is a unique identity for your health that provides you with a health locker to receive, store & share medical records from health service providers with your consent.

  • No documents are required for the ABHA card. It just needs either AADHAAR Card or mobile number or Driving license for applying for AADHAAR Card.

  • ABHA Number is a 14-digit identification number and can be generated using an Aadhaar card or your mobile number. It allows users to share their health records digitally with hospitals, clinics, insurance providers, and others.

  • Yes, ABHA is applicable to everyone who is a citizen of India.

  • Ayushman Bharat health account ABHA number has 16 digits.

  • You can use it to save your medical records and share them with the concerned medical records whenever required. The ABHA health locker secures your medical data and lets you access it anywhere anytime.

  • Go to the website  and log in with your ABHA number and date of birth. Once you get into your ABHA account, open your ABHA card and download it.

  • For demographic details updates (Name, Address, DoB, Gender, Mobile Number, Email) as well as Biometrics (Finger Prints, Iris & Photograph) in Aadhaar you will have to visit the Permanent Enrolment Center.

  • Absolutely! The digital platform provides a comprehensive database of healthcare services and providers, helping you find the best match for your needs. This not only saves time but also ensures you receive the most appropriate care, improving your overall healthcare experience.

  • The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission lets you access your medical records online anytime, anywhere. This saves time and helps in better healthcare decision-making as doctors have access to your complete medical history, ensuring accurate diagnoses and treatment.

  • The mission promotes transparency in healthcare costs and facilitates cashless transactions through health insurance. This reduces out-of-pocket expenses, making quality healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone, irrespective of their financial status.

A digital health platform that adheres to ABDM guidelines

Ayushman Bharat’s digital mission integrates IT and related technologies to provide universal, affordable, efficient, inclusive, safe, and accessible healthcare. This initiative ensures that medical reports are readily available, helping doctors better understand patients' cases.

The National Health Authority mandates using the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) ID for patient registration, health record linking, data standardization, and consent-based sharing of health records. At Achala Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd, we offer a SaaS-based healthcare platform for seamless integration with the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) ecosystem, addressing the challenges of this transition

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