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AI-Led Queue Management System

Simplifying Patient journeys, Enhancing Experiences

Minimize wait times and maximize patient flow to scale operations and unlocking efficiency with queue management Systems (QMS)

Our integrated AI-led queue management system driven by advanced algorithms offers a seamless, frictionless, and contactless queuing experience, geared towards enabling you to optimize your patient experience, lower patient anxiety, enhance service quality and operational efficiency, and reduce patient waiting times.

Automating patient journey, Serving more patients, boosting staff satisfaction, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Effortlessly navigate patient flow, and reduce staff stress in busy areas such as laboratories and radiology services, optimizing resource planning for enhanced efficiency

  • Prioritize patients in queue.

  • Minimize frustration and human error

  • QR-enabled patient journey ID

  • Regulate Flows via Appointments

  • Seamless patient navigation

  • Dynamic patient communication

Reduce wait times by streamlining patient queues

Effortlessly plan visits with our hassle-free queueing system. Enhance patient satisfaction with the Single Journey ID, reducing wait times, and anxiety.

  • Receive updates from visitors with two-way SMS

  • Eliminate multiple lines

  • Reduces administrative paperwork

  • Automate check-in and service notifications

  • Update the waitlist in real-time

Visit planned in advance, hassle-free queueing

Empower patients with real-time queue updates, ensuring they stay informed about their position and anticipated wait times.

  • Let patients wait for their turn remotely

  • Display real-time information about their location

  • Queue Status & Notifications on WhatsApp

  • Digital Signage for Queue Information.

Engage & Inform patients about their turn

Patients receive a unique identifier, such as a journey ID, determining their position in the queue.

  • Monitor upcoming appointments/ service requests

  • Less crowded waiting rooms

  • Display real-time information about your location

  • Navigate patients to the service counters.

AI-Enabled patient Journey Mapping

Track key metrics with a queue management dashboard that gives comprehensive insights like Patient flows, staff performance, and service area efficiency.

  • Robust front office staff Interface

  • Manage patient flow and patient information efficiently

  • Smartly manage walk-in and appointment traffic

Queue Management Dashboards

These are some of the benefits hospitals have achieved with seamless patient journey management.

Benefits of QMS

Healthcare customers can reap a multitude of benefits.

  • Eliminate queues in front of the laboratory by 20-30%

  • Reduced waiting times by up to 50%

  • Improved communication efficiency by 70%

  • Increased self-service transactions by 15%

  • Improved patient satisfaction 30-40%

A famous global hospital in Hyderabad seeks a queue management system to oversee patient flows across departments. This system aims to enhance outpatient experiences, optimize service scheduling, and reduce laboratory queues by 20-30%, alongside an overall wait time reduction of 30%.

A famous hospital in Hyderabad is improving its outpatient journeys by implementing a Self-service OPD kiosk. This will make the process more efficient and reduce wait times and 40-50% of the new patients are using the kiosk.

A global hospital in Hyderabad has enhanced its outpatient services with the introduction of self-service lab report dispatch kiosks. This innovative kiosk allows patients to easily print their reports, reducing reception wait times by 80% (from 45 minutes to 9 minutes)

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