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An integrated Bed management System
(Bed 360)

Our bed management system empowers the facility’s administrators and admissions team to quickly and easily manage the flow of incoming patients and beds. organize and sort by location, level of care, status, and more.

Bed 360 is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to manage all aspects of bed management, from admission to discharge and housekeeping, providing patients with a better overall hospital experience. The system provides real-time insights into bed information, enabling healthcare teams to optimize capacity planning, and occupancy rates and make data-driven decisions. 

Increase occupancy rates, maximize revenue, and leverage occupancy projections

Real-time Bed Availability Tracking

Say goodbye to manual bed assignments. Bed 360 automates patient placement based on various criteria such as medical needs, proximity to required facilities, and specialized care requirements.

  • Bed requests and reservation

  • Bed Assignments

  • Transfers and discharges

  • Monitor projected occupancy rates

Streamline and optimize bed allocation seamlessly

With Bed 360, administrators have instant access to bed availability across the hospital. This enables swift decision-making and ensures that no bed goes unused during critical periods.

  • Manage multiple facilities

  • Track & trace bed location

  • Coordination between departments

  • Provides real-time bed status visibility
    (Ready, Occupied, Preparing, D

  • Automated transfer & Discharge alert

  • Minimize delays and shorten the overall length of stay

Real-time bed availability tracking

Automating processes and delivering real-time insights minimizes empty beds and patient delays, optimizing flow, coordination, and resource use, enabling focused quality care delivery.

  • Timely bed allocation

  • Minimize wait times for patients

  • Automates bed requests, assignment orders, patient arrivals, and discharges

  • Smoothly move people from the point of admission to the point of discharge

Drive digital strategy & deliver end-to-end care seamlessly

Our bed management system automates tasks, minimizing empty beds and patient delays. It optimizes patient flow, care coordination, and resource use, freeing up staff time for quality care.

  • Care coordination between departments for efficient patient placement & Planning

  • Avoid delays & errors in the individual’s service delivery.

  • Reduce the burden of information management on top of clinical work

  • Empower frontline workers with real-time access to information

Free up time to focus on quality

Gain valuable insights into bed utilization patterns, occupancy rates, and discharge trends with Bed 360's robust analytics. These insights empower hospitals to optimize resource allocation and improve operational efficiency continuously.

  • Admission Dashboard: Effortlessly manage incoming patients & beds, sorting by location, level of care, status, and more.

  • Bed View: Track real-time bed availability across all facilities for optimal occupancy management.

  • Projected Occupancy Dashboard: Track occupancy rates across all facilities.

Analytics & Dashboards

Here are some of the benefits our customers have experienced since using Bed 360

Benefits of Bed 360

Healthcare providers can reap a multitude of benefits

  • Improved Admission Capacity by 5%-15% especially during peak demand

  • Decrease overall wait times by 50%

  • 10% -20% increase in bed occupancy efficiency

  • 15% - 25% increase in patient throughput

  • 10% - 15% increase in patient satisfaction scores

A Hyderabad global hospital seeks a bed management system to streamline bed allocation and patient flows across units. This system provides real-time data improves request response time by 65%, boosts bed occupancy efficiency by 10-20%, and enhances admission capacity by 5-15% during peak demand.

A famous hospital in Hyderabad is improving its outpatient journeys by implementing a Self-service OPD kiosk. This will make the process more efficient and reduce wait times and 40-50% of the new patients are using the kiosk.

A famous global hospital in Hyderabad seeks a queue management system to oversee patient flows across departments. This system aims to enhance outpatient experiences, optimize service scheduling, and reduce laboratory queues by 20-30%, alongside an overall wait time reduction of 30%.

Customer Success Story

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